Cassandra and Nick

Welcome to Slough House

Slough House Social was officially created in 2020.  After a lifetime of taking risks, original owners Gregg and Krista thought this year (of all years) would be the best time to go into the restaurant business!  Born from a life-time love of food, drinks and goofing off, Slough House Social was born.

In June 2023, they handed Slough House over to Nick and Cassandra to continue as a family-owned business with a passion for food.

We are proud to provide locally sourced products as we serve our community of friends and family.  We are excited to share our crazy twist on the food that has inspired us.  We want to have fun with food, make fun of food and create new memories for generations to come.   

Run here, swim here, drive here, fly here, hitch here, boat here, bird here, hunt here, fish here, laugh here, cry here, surprise here, love here. 

We don’t care how you get here, just get here and be SOCIAL!!  We’re just downstream from downtown!